Our team of technology artists, with creative thought leaders, IT engineers, tech-savvy strategists and project managers, maximise exposure for your business by reinforcing brand values with our state-of-the-art interactive event solutions.

Eventagrate is dedicated to creating and implementing cutting-edge new media technologies that focus on connecting a company’s unique brand identity with an event’s audience. The development of these hi-tech products helps spread a brand’s message through engaging interaction.

Eventagrate caters to an ever-growing variety of events, including conferences, exhibitions, meetings, forums, seminars, symposiums, and award ceremonies to bring a readymade audience to your business’s brand.

Interactive Team, Technology Artists in Dubai.


We have earned a reputation for providing clients with event technology that is expertly deployed and offers your business a return on investment. By creating innovative interactive experiences that amplify engagement and enjoyment at any event, Eventagrate ensures your business creates engaging connections with your audience, generating brand awareness and affiliation.

Our technological solutions encourage users to interact with a brand through a combination of digital and traditional event spaces. These spaces are converted into exciting interactive experiences through our dynamic activations.

Eventagrate’s solutions are custom built to increase an individual’s connection to an event and an exhibitor, building a sense of community through interactive experiences that express each brand’s personality. These experiences create opportunities for the audience to learn, share new ideas, network and collaborate. To achieve these objectives, our leading interactive technologies are skillfully customised, incorporating a variety of important factors such as your brand’s venue, purpose, and vision.


Advances in technology provide more engaging, exciting and memorable individual experiences than ever before. At events, brands can now connect with the consumer and collect relevant information - all in real time. Eventagrate gives each project a voice through well-developed strategy, ensuring each business receives the event technology it deserves.