AGENCY: Marketing Eye.
BRAND: CISCO Middle East.

The challenge

Billion of connected devices simplifying our lives on daily basis. Cisco has build tools and hardware to make this possible and when the time has come to show the power of the technology Cisco has hired us to use our expertise in providing the information in interactive and short manner.


We have delivered an interactive installation and content for Cisco exhibition stand at iOTX 2015. It had 4 elements: Top City View with 12 animated scenes, Video wall with another 12 animations linked with the top city view, iPad application to control those scenes, Touch screen application with the Social Game allowing visitors to win prizes.

Content for Top City View and Video Wall was designed to highlight 12 solutions Cisco decided to highlight during the exhibition. Each solution had it’s own animated storyboards on both screens.
iPad Application apart from controlling and triggering animation sequences on both screens had product details used for each solution.

Social game was design for the touch screen and used Neurosky Mindwave device to assess visitors brain during the game play. Once the game was complete each visitors could see his/her brain activity and win a daily prize. The gameplay asked visitors to tap on the CISCO logos around the screen during their digital trip in Dubai Metro.


Ventuz, Neurosky, Touch Screen, Multi display control, iPad application (objective c), OSC.


iPad, Video Wall, 79 inch table screen, Neurosky, MindWave, Touch Screen.

Cisco Social Game using ventuz and social sharing
Interactive Content with 12 scenarios for video wall
Dubai map with 12 scenes for 79 inch screen
Cisco Products
Smart Stand setup for cisco iots 2015
Great interactive technology