Interactive instalation for Dubai Design District

Agency: Done Events

Client : d3


The challenge

Dubai Design District is a new free zone development in the heart of Dubai. There was a day when it was opening and when visitors had to go through the experience of designing whatever they see. That was the time when we were asked to create an interactive experience which will be used to impress visitors. We did our site visit and we found a very impressive fixtures called dragon skin, those were the Color LED lights installed as a roof on the street starting right at the entrance and going for a good 100 meters.


We have connected a touch screen to those beautiful lights and gave a user control over them , so everyone could design their own unique mood out of lights. Each visitor could touch a light on a touchscreen and it was changing the color, turning it on or playing an effect.

Touch Screen, Ventuz, DMX.

touch screen app controlling the led light at d3 opening