At the third Internet of Things World Forum held in Dubai Design District, hosted by no other than Cisco Systems, we were asked to develop a Ventuz powered big data installation. The goal of the event is to explore this rapidly growing market and discuss new technologies and their impact on our everyday life.
Dubai Design District is an area in Dubai which already exploits the power of intelligent living. It is equipped with a multitude of sensors that monitor everything from power consumption to security, waste management, pollution, facility management and much more. For the installation at the IoTWF, we connected Ventuz to a total of 87 different APIs to bring all this data into one Ventuz powered control room.
The setup consisted of a 7x3 video wall and a touchscreen which served as a control panel. A variety of different scenarios were created using 3D maps, floor plans of buildings and offices as well as intelligent data visualization. One scenario involved power management and pictured a tenant who had forgotten to turn off the lights in their office, upon which the system would send them a message. Another consisted of a smart parking system that guided cars through the parking garage to the nearest open spot. Beyond these two, many of the multitude of data streams coming live from the over 1000 sensors of Dubai Design District were turned into real-life scenarios as well, demonstrating the improvements that can be achieved with big data.
Visitors of the event were brought to the location from Dubai World Trade Center with buses. To help Cisco Systems monitor the visitor stream, the Ventuz installation also featured an iBeacon integration that sent data from the buses to the facility. The presenter could then prepare for the number of people and adjust the presentation accordingly. Additionally, a motion sensor system using Kinect technology was installed to add a little fun to the mix.
The event was a great success and many visitors saw the Ventuz installation as a highlight, since they were given the opportunity to try it out themselves and explore the many scenarios up close and personal.

Technology: iBeacon, Arduino, Kinect, Multi-touch, PHP, APIs. 

Multi-touch interface for Dubai Design District
Big Data Managemenet
Video Wall
Robot Inviting Guests
big data multitouch app